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If you are on the hunt for the best smelling firewood for burning in Houston, then you have certainly come to the right place. Here at Indian Head Firewood, we specialize in harvesting, selling and delivering firewood for our vast array of clients. 

Piñon Wood is amongst our wide selection of firewood. Most would agree that this is the best smelling fireplace firewood in Houston — and almost anywhere else throughout the United States, too. 

If you are tired of fires that are nearly impossible to light or quickly become smoky and smelly, we have a solution, and you’ll find it with our Piñon Wood.

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Ordering Aromatic Firewood for Burning in Houston

From romantic nights by the fireside to bringing the ambience of a fire to your commercial setting, we have aromatic fireplace firewood in Houston that is perfect for the job. Many consider Piñon Wood to be the best smelling fireplace firewood in Houston. This isn’t like just any wood you’ll find out in nature. With our Piñon Wood, you get a wood that:

Produces a distinct aroma. Pairing the unmistakable smell of Piñon Wood with the fresh air around you can make for one of the most positive fireside experiences you’re ever going to have. Browse Pricing and Order Online.

Fends off pests. Not only is this the best smelling firewood for burning in Houston, but Piñon Wood also naturally repels mosquitos, which can be incredibly annoying when you’re trying to enjoy an evening by the fire. Indian Head Firewood’s White Glove Delivery.

Burns cleanly. You don’t have to worry about excessive smoke making its way into your eyes or having to clean up a bunch of ashes when you’re done. This is a great wood that burns cleanly. More about our Piñon Wood.

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We make it easy to purchase the best smelling firewood for burning in Houston — even if you want large bulk orders. We handle all phases of the process — from sustainably harvesting and organizing the wood to delivering it to your facility. Our service is as affordable as it is convenient. Contact Us.

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