Aromatic & Cooking Firewood For Sale

Indian Head Firewood is committed to providing only the highest quality firewood and fire care products.

Our top tier aromatic firewoods (Piñon and Juniper) are sustainably sourced from family lands in New Mexico. Every log is hand-picked and carefully selected from the source to the customer. These softwoods are ideal for recreational use as they light easily, burn hot with a low smoke point, and have unique aromatic properties. These types of firewood are perfect for an outdoor fireplace, firepit or campfire.

Our cooking variations include locally sourced, classic hardwood types such as Oak, Mesquite, Pecan and Hickory. These hardwoods are best for any type of open fire cooking as they burn slow, evenly and produce a long lasting coal bed. Each hardwood has its own distinct flavor ensuring our customers have diverse options when selecting the right fuel for the perfect BBQ.

firewood buying guide

Firewood is sold by the cord, a unit of volume for measuring stacked firewood equivalent to 128 cu ft. Avoid suppliers that sell by the “stick”, “truck load” or at “face cord” values as these are not units of measurement approved and regulated by the Department of Agriculture.

Firewood cost varies widely on type of firewood, quantity of firewood, and origin of firewood. Locally sourced firewood will typically be cheaper, whereas exotic woods will be more expensive. Customers can expect pricing to range anywhere from $10 for small bundles (.50 cu ft)  to $1300 for a full cord (128 cu ft).

Indian Head Firewood offers a variety of available quantities to suit your specific needs. Whether you need firewood for a single burn or a year supply, we have quantities ranging from small bundles (.50 cu ft) to a full cord (128 cu ft).

Indian Head Firewood is proud to offer a diverse range of six high-quality firewood options: Piñon, Juniper, Oak, Mesquite, Pecan and Hickory

Hardwoods (Oak, Mesquite, Pecan, Hickory) are typically more dense resulting in a hot, long lasting fire. A hardwood fire will often leave behind hot coals which give out radiant heat for a long period of time. For these reasons, hardwoods are great options for both cooking and recreational enjoyment. Softwoods (Piñon, Juniper) grow much faster than hardwoods resulting in a lighter, less dense firewood. Softwoods light easier, season quicker, burn fast and hot leaving behind a very fine ash making them great options for recreational burning, whether camping, in a backyard fire pit or outdoor fireplace.

When selecting firewood, optimal moisture levels should be below 20%. Burning wood with higher moisture creates more smoke which contains harmful chemicals and particulates which can lead to toxic creosote build up. Firewood with higher moisture levels will also give off less heat as the excess water requires more energy to boil off. At Indian Head Firewood, we check all firewood inventory for optimal moisture levels ensuring your firewood is always ready to burn.

Firewood smoke is composed of many small particles of carbon and other compounds as a byproduct of burning organic material. Excess firewood smoke is typically the result of the incomplete burning of firewood due to excess moisture in the wood, also known as “green” wood or older wood that has not been able to “season” or dry adequately.