Our Story

Our name is a nod to the Indian Head Ranch, the proving ground for the prehistoric, bushy evergreen trees that grow atop the New Mexican desert mountaintops.

We created this company with a mindset to bring people together around a fire to ignite meaningful conversation and memories that endure for lifetimes. For some, the fire is an escape from the rat-race. For others, it’s about the fellowship.

We believe in delivering an experience unlike any other. A pure original that can be shared by everyone at any time and throughout any season. We believe in burning daylight, slowing down to enjoy life’s best moments with those that matter most.

We subscribe to the principal of getting lost — whether it’s off the beaten trail or within the midnight gaze into a smoldering ember, we learn a little more about each other when we have to find our way back.

We believe fine wine and cold beer are better enjoyed around a fire.
We exist for everyone! Indian Head was created for family, friends and those we may never know.

Service matters to us and we believe in focusing on every detail of our business – with an extreme commitment to providing something special every time.

It’s not just about the fire, our logs provide a stage where life’s cherished moments can unfold. The places, characters and stories are what kindle our drive to always over-deliver.

At Indian Head, we blaze our own path. It’s how we operate our business and how we live our lives. Because we are fueled by a better fire.

Indian Head Ranch

Our wood comes from our family forests in Las Vegas, New Mexico at the Indian Head Ranch – a diverse terrain getting its name from the property’s unique view of Hermit’s Peak famous for its profile resembling a brave Indian battle cry. The Indian Head is a true working ranch, where wildlife proliferate and we run over 2,000 head of Corriente cattle. Every year, nearly a hundred of our closest friends gather to celebrate the ranching lifestyle at the Indian Head Ranch Trail Ride – a time of comradery, music, and of course beautiful wood-burning fires.

Why New Mexico
Piñon Firewood?

Why Piñon

The answers are simple.

Incredible aroma! The aroma of piñon is unmistakable and makes you feel like you are camping in Santa Fe under the stars. Often described as relaxing, the fresh smell fills the air around you and takes you back to the Holidays.

Burns clean and lights easily! Lighting easier than hardwoods like oak, piñon burns cleaner with less smoke and less ash to clean up.

Repels insects and mosquitoes! Piñon firewood REPELS MOSQUITOES making the back porch an option all year long!

With piñon firewood, fires are not just for those chilly nights but can be enjoyed all year long. Place a few piñon logs in your outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or chiminea and watch the mosquitoes and other flying insects disappear. Not only will you get to enjoy your backyard again, but it will smell amazing!

About Piñon

About Piñon

The piñon (or pinyon, or pinion) pine group grows in the southwestern United States and in Mexico. Our piñon firewood comes from the Indian Head Ranch in Las Vegas, New Mexico. In this area, the species of piñon is the pinus edulis or the Colorado Piñon, often called New Mexico Piñon. The pinus edulis is the state tree of New Mexico and is known for its aromatic fragrance and its piñon nuts. The edible seeds, pine nuts, are extensively collected throughout its range; in many areas, the seed harvest rights are owned by Native American tribes, for whom the species is of immense cultural and economic importance. High-quality New Mexico piñon is rare because it only grows at 5,500 to 7,500 feet elevation and most of the population of high-quality piñon trees in New Mexico have been devastated due to drought and bark beetle attack.