Oak Firewood

Oak Firewood

Cooking Oak Firewood for Sale

Oak firewood is a Texas favorite and the most popular cooking wood for smoking and direct cooking. It pairs perfectly with just about any rub or seasoning with a mild smokey flavor that won’t overpower your food. Use it to cook proteins or vegetables

Oak Firewood buying guide

Our Oak is sourced from locally owned land in Southwest Texas.

Firewood cost varies widely on type of firewood, quantity of firewood, origin of firewood and season. Locally sourced firewood will typically be cheaper, whereas exotic woods will be more expensive with peak pricing during the winter months. Customers can expect pricing to range anywhere from $50 for smaller quantities (2 cu ft) to $999 for a full cord (128 cu ft).

Indian Head Firewood offers a variety of available quantities to suit your specific needs. Whether you need firewood for a single burn or a year's supply, we have quantities ranging from 2 cu ft to 128 cu ft.

When selecting firewood, optimal moisture levels should be below 20%. Burning wood with higher moisture creates more smoke which contains harmful chemicals and particulates which can lead to toxic creosote build up. Firewood with higher moisture levels will also give off less heat as the excess water requires more energy to boil off. At Indian Head Firewood, we check all firewood inventory for optimal moisture levels ensuring your firewood is always ready to burn. 

Oak burns slow and steady at around 25 BTU.