Environmental Responsibility

Go Green with Indian Head Firewood

At Indian Head Firewood, our #1 concern is the environment and we guarantee that our piñon firewood is 100% sustainably harvested.

In cooperation with the New Mexico State Forestry and the US Department of Agriculture we are working to protect the forests of Northern New Mexico. We thin our forests to:

Environmental Responsibility 1Minimize bark beetle risk
Environmental Responsibility 1Reduce wildfire hazard
Environmental Responsibility 1Improve wildlife habitat
Environmental Responsibility 1Protect underground watersheds

Due to how overgrown our forests are, all these are threats. Without these reasons, we wouldn’t even sell firewood!

Indian Head Ranch is an American Tree Farm System Certified Family Forest. Certified Family Forests are required to meet eight standards of sustainability and are managed for multiple purposes: water, wildlife, wood, and recreation. Learn more about Tree Farm Certification

We are in the process of getting certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

When you buy our piñon firewood, you are actually helping the environment!

Learn more about sustainable harvesting:

American Tree Farm System – http://www.treefarmsystem.org/
Sustainable Forestry Initiative – http://www.sfiprogram.org/
Forest Stewardship Council – http://www.fsc.org/