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Find Chiminea Wood for Burning in Houston

When you’re looking for quality chiminea wood for burning in Houston, the team at Indian Head Firewood would be happy to help. Believe it or not, there is a major difference among the many different types of wood — and not all wood is great for burning. 

That’s where our unrivaled stock of Piñon firewood in the Greater Houston Texas area comes in handy for both residential and commercial clients. We offer luxury outdoor fire pit wood for burning that helps you enjoy a great evening without all the hassle and mess that comes with burning just any wood you find laying around.

The best Chiminea Wood for Burning Available in Houston

Here at Indian Head, we specialize in Piñon Wood, which is a high-end, aromatic firewood that is great for burning in chimineas and outdoor fire pits. This wood puts a distinct, pleasant aroma in the air, which also fends off mosquitos and other pests.

This is also considered by most Houston based residents to be the best outdoor fire pit wood for burning available because it burns easily and cleanly. The following are some common problems that make outdoor fires a hassle.

Difficult to light and might require multiple matches and lighter fluid

Excessive smoke that can stink up your clothes and get in your eyes

Mountains of ash left behind that you must clean up

And more

We offer Piñon Wood as the perfect chiminea wood for burning in Houston. This wood burns very cleanly, so you can enjoy your fire without the inconvenience that comes with it.

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Residential clients that have a fondness for frequent fires rely on our team for outdoor fire pit wood for burning in Houston. We also work with commercial clients like resorts, hotels, restaurants, country clubs, bars and more.

Not only do we source and sustainably harvest Piñon Wood and other firewood, but we offer white glove delivery to make it super convenient to get your hands on chiminea and fire pit wood for burning in Houston. Get started by placing your order right now, or contact us for more information. Contact Us.