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Delivering Dry Cords of Wood in Houston

Enhance your fires with a dry cord of seasoned firewood delivered directly to your Houston-area home or property from Indian Head Firewood. Here, we specialize in luxury firewood that will completely change the way that you enjoy this special pastime.

Our team would like to introduce you to one of our signature products — Piñon Wood. This is a premium seasoned firewood that provides you with a variety of benefits. Seriously — first time users of Piñon Wood will often stick with it for the rest of their lives.

We make this seasoned firewood very accessible for the Greater Houston Area. You can explore why we focus on this type of seasoned woof for burning, place your order, and then sit back and watch our dry cord of wood delivery services in Houston go to work. This is a white glove delivery service that arrives on time, organizes your wood neatly (with your choice of rack) and makes sure everything is nice and clean before we leave.

With Indian Head Firewood You Get

Creating the perfect fire can add to a relaxing evening — but this is so much easier said than done. However, with a dry cord of wood in Houston from our staff, you can bring Piñon Wood to your fire, meaning:

No more fumbling around with lighter fluid and excessive matches. Fires with Piñon Wood are easy to light and keep going long into the night. Browse Pricing and Order Online.

No huge messes to clean up after. Instead of shoveling piles of ashes into garbage bags, you’ll find that Piñon Wood leaves behind little debris. More about our Piñon Wood.

Don’t worry about ducking and covering when billows of smoke come your way — this seasoned firewood in Houston burns very cleanly and even adds a distinctive aroma to the air. There is minimal smoke. Plus, it even repels mosquitos naturally!  Indian Head Firewood’s White Glove Delivery.

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We’re ready to deliver dry cords of wood throughout the Houston, Texas area. Contact Indian Head Firewood for more details and the quantity of seasoned firewood you’re looking for. Contact Us.